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  • British Aircrafts

    World war I british Aircrafts

    From the early Airco to the fast Sopwith, four years of technological advancement guaranteed the late supermacy by quality and numbers of the RFC, and the future of the British aircraft industry.
    > First world war British planes
  • French Aircrafts

    World war I french Aircrafts

    From the early Blériot to the SPADs and Breguets, French was at the forefront of aicraft pionneers by the beginning of the century, and was the first to field several squadrons of military aircrafts when war began.
    > First world war French planes
  • German Aircrafts

    World war I German Aircrafts

    German empire aces were the first of their kind. They devised the first and best tactics, and their planes were the first equipped with a synchonised machine-gun. They were also innovative in many other ways.
    > First world war German planes
  • Austro-Hungarian Planes

    World war I Austro-Hungarian Planes

    Provided with German planes and developing some of their own, the Austro-Hungarian empire attempted to rule the sky from the Balkans, to the adriatic and the alps.
    > First world war Austro-Hungarian planes
  • Italian Aircrafts

    World war I Italian Planes

    The Regia Aeronautica, born 1915 and first receiving French Planes, quickly built and Industry of its own, with names as Ansaldo, FIAT, and Caproni, fame and aces like Francesco Baccara...
    > First world war Italian planes
  • Russian Aircrafts

    World war I Russian Planes

    The wings of Russia were born on 1914, thanks to western and local engineers which provided Russia with a valuable air force and unique planes, like the first heavy bomber, the Sikorsky Ilya Mourometz.
    > First world war Russian planes
  • American Aircrafts

    World war I American Planes

    Although entered late in the war, some US pilots gained fame sooner with the Lafayette squadron and quickly get their first aces.
    >>> First world war American planes
  • Turkish Aircrafts

    World war I Turkish Planes

    Provided with German and Austrian planes, Turkey built a potent air force by 1916.
    > First world war Turkish planes
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