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Responsible Gaming

Online gaming can be exciting, interesting and fun. Unfortunately, this activity, like many others, can cause addiction, which is why we are committed to promoting responsible gaming and take all necessary measures to prevent all forms of abuse and create a responsible and healthy gaming environment.

As an online gaming software provider, we have placed special emphasis on developing products and services that comply with the world's strictest standards and regulatory requirements. We fully support all applicable regulations that impose important criteria for responsible gaming.

Provided that is an online gaming software provider and has no direct relationship with players, we believe it is our responsibility to provide our partners with all the tools and support they need when it comes to responsible gaming. Although we are not a gaming operator, responsible gaming is an important part of our brand ethos.

As part of our responsible gaming offering, we offer features that help our partners promote responsible gaming and ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. You can find some of them below:

Gambling for minors

It is against the law for anyone under the age of 18 to gamble. We take our responsibilities in this regard very seriously. As a responsible brand, we are committed to protecting minors by actively taking steps to exclude minors from the use of gaming services and products.

To this end, we provide our partners with online tools to electronically verify the age of customers in order to prevent people under 18 from using gaming products.

Gaming addiction

Customers who have become addicted to gaming or have difficulty controlling the amount of time and money they spend on betting are strongly encouraged to take advantage of self-restraint or self-exclusion, which are useful tools for calming down and reflecting on their gaming behavior for a limited time or permanently.

Since all authentication and authorization is controlled by online gaming operators, they can effectively prevent self-limiting or self-excluded players from using gaming products. provides API functionality that provides the following self-exclusion and self-restriction mechanisms:

  • self-exclusion;
  • cooling off period;
  • financial limits on bets and losers;
  • session time limits.


If players want self-exclusion, they should request it by contacting the online gaming operators with whom they have registered their account to request a temporary or permanent freeze of their account. provides API functionality that allows online gaming operators to block players' access to the gaming site for a limited or indefinite period of time. Players should be aware that online gaming operators are responsible for the terms of self-exclusion, but typically online gaming operators will close accounts and refund any remaining balance, and no marketing materials will be distributed during the period the account is active. Closed.

Cooling off period

If players need a break from playing on the sites, they should ask online gaming operators for a cooling-off period. provides API functionality that allows online gaming operators to block player accounts for a limited period of time. A cooling-off period does not mean self-exclusion.

Financial and time limits provides an API function to impose limits on the maximum bets and losses players can incur at online gaming sites. Players can also choose to impose time limits per session.

In order for these limits to apply to the games a player faces, online game operators must implement them.

Player information wants people to exceed the age limit, have fun and enjoy the experience as part of a planned and budgeted entertainment option. Unfortunately for a small number of players, this type of entertainment can become a problem.

However, is a business-to-business brand and online gaming software provider. has no direct contact or customer service for players.

When you play at an online gaming site, it stores data about you as a player, and the online gaming operator is responsible for helping you with any problems, gameplay or questions about the game. If you feel challenged or already have a problem with a game, contact the customer service team of your online gaming site. They will inform you of available self-restraint or self-exclusion programs and help you take advantage of them.

Self-esteem tests

Gamers who become addicted to games have turned their excitement about games into an obsession that dominates their lives. This obsession consumes most of a person's day, time and money, damaging social and family relationships. The danger of game addiction is a slow process.